Access to Care

Protecting and improving how Missourians receive care.

Access is everything

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State-of-the-art health care resources don’t mean much if only some of our communities have access to them. Whether it’s through a lack of affordability, availability, or any of the other “Five A’s of Access,” too many Missourians are struggling to receive the services they need to live healthy lives.

Why it matters:

The inability to access adequate care has profoundly negative consequences on the health and well-being of our state’s most vulnerable groups.

How we’re changing things:

Access to care is an important consideration in nearly all of our work, and we are currently engaged in two efforts focused directly on protecting and strengthening it.

The Net Benefit: A campaign working to educate Missourians about what we all need to lead healthy lives. Our goal is to galvanize the public in order to help create stronger communities and a stronger state. In particular we are focusing on the importance of access to food, shelter, health care, and housing to our region’s health. Together with our partners we’re spreading the message that when we look out for one another as Missourians, we all see #TheNetBenefit.

Reimagining Approaches to Improve Access to Care:
 We are collaborating with partners like Affinia Healthcare, Freeman Health System, Randolph County Caring Community Partnership, and others to develop new and innovative approaches to improve the ways that care is accessed in communities.

We recognize that each community knows the needs of their residents and the particular barriers that can prevent them from accessing health care. Through this program we are encouraging organizations to propose approaches that they anticipate will improve existing systems of care. We are urging our grantees to look beyond traditional mechanisms or settings for health care delivery, to team up with diverse partners, and to think big.