General Support for Advocacy FAQ

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Does my organization need to be located in the MFH service region to apply?
The majority of the population served by an organization must be located in the MFH service region. Applicants must be located in Missouri, but may be located outside of the service area if the population served and the advocacy work conducted benefits the MFH service area. For example, an organization located in Kansas City, MO that conducts health advocacy activities on behalf of vulnerable residents throughout the state would be eligible to apply.

Is my organization allowed to use a fiscal agent?
No. Fiscal agents are not allowed for GSA funding.

Does my organization have to be a 501(c)(3) to apply?
Yes. To be eligible for GSA, your organization must be a nonprofit corporation that is exempt from Federal income tax under provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Your organization must also be registered to conduct business in the state of Missouri and classified by the state as being in good standing.

How does my organization apply?
All applications must be submitted using the online system. The Request for Application (RFA) can be found on the MFH website and instructions to apply online are located within the RFA. The RFA also contains the guidelines for the grant, application questions, eligibility requirements, and criteria for receiving funding. MFH encourages interested applicants to participate in the pre-application webinar or view the recording before applying. All applications must be completed and submitted prior to the deadline to be considered. Also, all application narratives must follow the formatting guidelines exactly in order to be considered.

Who is the contact for questions about the grant or application process?
Grant-related questions should be directed to Sarah Morrow, health policy officer, at or by calling (314) 345-3336.
Questions related to the online application process should be directed to Jenny Minelli, program assistant, or by calling (314) 345-5531.

Is there a budget or project plan?
No. Given the nature of unrestricted funding, there is no budget or project plan associated with the GSA program. The funds are not dedicated to one specific project, but allow organizations flexibility to address current and ongoing policy issues, as well as address policy issues as they arise.

What is required for reporting?
Financial documentation is not required by the GSA program. Reporting is in narrative form, and your organization will be sent interim and final reporting questions via email. Reports are due at the end of each year of the grant cycle. Most reports are three to four pages long.

How can my organization use the grant money?
The money is unrestricted and may be used for any function your organization deems appropriate related to health advocacy. The goal of GSA funds is for organizations to be flexible in addressing current and emerging health policy issues.

How much can my organization receive?
The grants are up to $150,000 over two years ($75,000 per year). Organizations do not have to request the full amount. Organizations are subject to the 25 percent rule that states: Total Foundation funding cannot exceed 25 percent of an organization’s annual operating expense. Each year the total annual funding from all MFH current grants/contracts with an organization as well as any proposed new funding is considered in calculating the 25 percent limit. In-kind expenses are not considered in determining the annual expense total.

If my organization is not approved, are there other funding opportunities to support advocacy work?
At this time, no other grant program provides unrestricted funds for advocacy and policy efforts. Within the Responsive portfolio, there are opportunities for (non-lobbying) advocacy efforts under the Special Projects funding program. Also, throughout the year there are various opportunities posted on the MFH website.

Does having a GSA exclude my organization from other MFH funding?
GSA funding does not exclude your organization from being eligible for other grants from MFH. GSA funding would be included in calculations for the 25 percent rule. (See above question: “How much can my organization receive?”)