Opportunity Fund Idea Submission

The path toward a potential Opportunity Fund award begins with submission of your idea to MFH. This is an opportunity to briefly describe the idea, how it aligns with the mission of MFH, and what it intends to achieve. To be flexible and have the ability to respond quickly to emerging issues, the Foundation will accept ideas throughout the year.

Opportunity Fund Idea Submission

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It is highly recommended that prospective applicants have a preliminary conversation with MFH staff before submitting their idea.

Discussions with MFH staff, an idea submission review, and if a full proposal is requested, a proposal review phase will all determine how far an idea proceeds toward an award. The time from idea submission to grant award typically takes four to six months, but may vary based on urgency of the need and complexity of the project.

Eligibility Requirements
Nonprofit or governmental entities and those meeting our general funding guidelines are eligible to apply. Organizations should consider their highest-priority need and submit only one idea at a time for consideration.

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If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Minelli at (314) 345-5531 or jminelli@mffh.org.