Missouri Opportunity Incubator

Catalyzing our commitment to the common good.

Envisioning the Future of Opportunity in Missouri

The Missouri Opportunity Incubator brings together a diverse collective of leaders from different sectors across the state to bring their experience and perspective to bear on some of Missouri’s most intractable problems. Through learning and collaboration, this project fosters the fusion of new ideas and innovations to lift up Missouri families.

Why it matters:

With the Missouri Opportunity Incubator, we’re daring to reimagine the ways Missourians can live happier, healthier lives. In the fall of 2017, we commissioned research into public opinions about safety net programs which led to our communications campaign #TheNetBenefit. Our research indicated broad support for those programs among Missourians, but we also heard a lot about the need for modernization which prompted us to consider new ways to engage both the public and private sector to preserve, strengthen, and advance opportunity for all Missourians.

How we’re changing things:

The Incubator creates space for the inspiration and fusion of new ideas and collaborations and offers a place where innovative approaches to secure opportunity for all Missourians are designed, tested, and cultivated. Through this effort we’re hosting a diverse group of leaders from across Missouri, identified as innovative thinkers, committed doers, and recognized trailblazers in their respective sectors. Each was invited to come together to explore and deliver new ways to strengthen the structures that sustain the well-being of Missouri families and communities in times of need. The Foundation supports the Incubator throughout 18-24 months of convening, learning, and experimenting by providing access to research, field experts, and site visits, and ultimately, by funding any promising pilot projects.

Meet the members of the Incubator here.

1M+ Missourians
count on state and federal programs for food, shelter, health care, or economic support.
19.2% Missouri's child poverty rate
20 percent (260,000) Missouri children live in poverty.
345,912 Missouri households were food insecure in 2016.
Food insecurity means to be without reliable access to a sufficient amount of affordable and nutritious food.
$7.85 Missouri's minimum wage $26.96 Pay needed to support 1 adult & 2 kids
Many Missouri families do not earn enough income to afford a minimum standard of living.
The average Missourian making minimum wage would need to work 64 hours each week to afford a one-bedroom apartment, and earn $15.67 per hour, which is nearly double the state's minimum wage, to be able to rent a two-bedroom unit.

Project Lead

Kristy Klein Davis

Chief Strategy Officer

(314) 345-5591