Exemplary Advocate Cohort

Advocates rising to exemplary practice.

investing in the future of advocacy

In 2019, we transitioned to a bold new advocacy strategy. To create the Exemplary Advocate Cohort, we traveled throughout Missouri listening to advocates, community members, organizational leaders, and government representatives. We gleaned insight from bellwether surveys and scoured evaluations from trainings and convenings.

We ultimately selected 11 organizations to send two advocates each to join a five-year cohort.

We are investing in experienced advocates and inspiring them to take the next step toward becoming exemplary. We are challenging cohort members in building cross-sector teams through peer-to-peer learning and to share their expertise by “giving back” to other advocates throughout the state. Through all of this work we’re fostering diversity of thought and adopting a health equity lens. The Foundation is challenging advocates to develop a shared vision that is focused not on specific policy changes, but on how the advocacy community could look if it’s working at its highest level.

We don’t expect advocates to enter the cohort as exemplary; instead we are supporting them as they challenge themselves (and each other) to reach this new level. To assist them, we are providing a robust program that is strengthening the field of health advocacy in Missouri. The Exemplary Advocate Cohort provides training in new skills, opportunities to build relationships across the field, high-level views of the networks in play within Missouri advocacy, and a space specifically designed for advocates to support one another in their work.

Meet our exemplary advocate cohort.

5 year cohort
11 Organizations
22 advocates


Nancy Kelley

Director of Responsive Philanthropy

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