Legislative Updates: Resources and Activities

We provide up-to-date nonpartisan information on issues being addressed by Missouri’s legislature to help our partners navigate the state’s policymaking process.

Legislative Updates

2019 Legislative Session

Last year, members of the Missouri General Assembly filed over 2,000 bills. Of those bills, 150 were Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed (TAFP) and sent to the governor’s desk. Out of the 150 TAFP bills, three were vetoed by the governor. In total, only approximately 25 bills were health related.

To help community partners navigate the state policymaking process, MFH offers polling and surveys, health-related legislative updates and analysis, informational resources, and advocacy training. This page provides nonpartisan information and data on the issues being address by the policymaking process in Missouri.

Polling and Surveys

MFH uses polling and surveys to better understand the views of Missouri voters on health care issues and how those beliefs have changed over time and we keep all of that polling and survey information here for you to see.

Legislative Activity

The first regular session of the 100th Missouri General Assembly begins January 9, 2019 through May 17, with appropriation bills completed by May 10. MFH will identify health-related legislation and provide key information about each – such as a summary, sponsor information, and where the bill is in the legislative process.

Health-Related Legislation Under Consideration by the Missouri General Assembly in 2019:

Health-Related Legislation Filed by the Missouri General Assembly in 2018:

General Updates on Health-Related Legislation

We will share multiple email updates during the legislative session. Subscribe by filling out our mailing list form and checking the “Legislative Updates” box.

Further information will be provided regarding specific legislation, gubernatorial action, and the General Assembly veto session as needed.
MFH may offer additional resources to current and former grant recipients. If your organization has had grant funding from MFH, please contact Alexandra Rankin for details.

Tracking Legislative Activity Online

Activity on the Missouri Senate and House floors is shared through a “Live Debate” feature (committee hearings are not broadcast). Social media can also be a useful tool to track legislative activity. MFH provides updates through @MFHpolicy on Twitter. The hashtag #moleg is used broadly to categorize tweets related to Missouri legislative activity. Additionally, @MFHpolicy maintains a list of Twitter accounts for members of the General Assembly.

Tools and Guides

In addition to our Advocacy Training and Technical Assistance materials, all of MFH’s informational tools to help community health organizations better understand the legislative process are available to any Missouri nonprofit.

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