2020 Census Outreach & Engagement (Request for Applications)

2020 Census Outreach & Engagement (Request for Applications)

This request for applications (RFA) invites organizations in the MFH region to apply for funds to conduct outreach and education activities that encourage participation in the 2020 Census. This RFA aims to support a complete and accurate census count for Missouri, with a specific focus on improving participation in communities that have been historically undercounted.  

This opportunity is for organizations pursuing work outside the eight-county St. Louis Metro region (St. Louis County, St. Louis City, St. Charles, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, and Warren), as defined in our service area. There will be additional funding opportunities for the St. Louis area in the fall of 2019 

The census provides an official count of the United States’ population and information about important demographic changes over a 10-year period. The data collected helps to determine the distribution of federal funding to states for numerous programs aimed at helping underserved communities. The census is also used to guide decision making by federal, state, and local governments, philanthropy, and businesses in determining where resources should be directed and how efforts should be evaluated. 

A complete and accurate census count helps to ensure states are being fairly represented, both in the allocation of federal dollars and in the number of congressional districts. Low participation in the 2020 Census could have substantial negative consequences for Missouri. Achieving a complete count will already be a challenge for many areas across Missouri, with 9 percent of the population living in hard-to-count communities during the 2010 Census. Households most at risk of being undercounted include those who are low income, renters, people of color, young children, and immigrants. For every person undercounted, Missouri forfeits an estimated $1,300 in federal dollars.

The goals of this RFA are to support coordinated efforts that: 

  • Decrease undercounts and increase overall participation in the 2020 Census  
  • Reduce real and perceived barriers to census participation in the community 
  • Increase availability of culturally responsive and accurate census information 
  • Increase awareness of the negative consequences of a census undercount  
  • Build the capacity of traditionally undercounted communities to engage in the 2020 Census 

MFH understands that the work required to ensure a complete count in the 2020 Census varies greatly by community and region. To help facilitate a diverse approach to generating census participation, this RFA includes two tiers of fundingOnly one application per tier per organization may be submittedApplications may include multiple activities.  

Click here to download the full RFA.

Applications are due by Monday, September 23, 2019.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be nonprofit or governmental entities and meet the general MFH funding guidelines available on the Foundation’s website. Organizations with experience in community-level engagement in hard-to-count areas are especially encouraged to apply. This opportunity is available to those organizations outside the eight-county St. Louis Metro region as defined in our service area 

If you have questions about the goals or content of this RFA, please contact Alex Rankin, Government Affairs Manager, at arankin@mffh.org or (314) 345-5571.