Advocacy Leadership & Collaboration: Capacity Building Through Advocacy Projects (Request for Concept Papers)

Advocacy Leadership & Collaboration: Capacity Building Through Advocacy Projects (Request for Concept Papers)

This Request for Concept Papers (RCP) invites organizations in the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) region to apply for funds to implement an advocacy project that is related to one of several topics of interest to the Foundation. As part of the proposed project, applicants will choose a technical assistance consultant to both build the capacity of the organization to engage in advocacy work and to assist in the effective implementation of the proposed project.

Background on Advocacy Leadership & Collaboration
MFH is committed to building advocacy leadership and collaboration throughout Missouri. To that end, the Foundation will accept concept papers to help build the capacity of organizations through health-related advocacy projects that align with MFH’s vision, mission, values, and target population, as well as with a range of topic areas. Applicants of this program will self-identify an area where they believe capacity building would be helpful to their organization in successfully implementing their proposed advocacy project.

Capacity Building Through Advocacy Projects
There are a variety of advocacy tools that applicants should consider as part of designing a specific project. Examples of these tools include: public education and engagement, issue research, policy analysis, surveys and polling, legislative and executive branch engagement, judicial work, and media outreach. The most effective advocacy projects utilize multiple advocacy tactics to achieve the desired impact.

Advocacy projects that are proposed in an applicant’s concept paper should relate to systems-level change that affects health outcomes on a community, local, regional, or state level. For this opportunity, the Foundation is interested in concept papers that tie to one or more of the following topics:
•Access to Care
•Expanding Insurance Coverage
•Childhood Obesity
•Oral Health
•Public Health Infrastructure
•Infant Mortality
•Behavioral Health
•Safety Net Programs
•Health Equity
•Women’s Health

Additionally, the potential impact of a group’s advocacy strategy will be an important component of the applicant’s concept paper. Organizations should also consider collaboration across sectors, industries, and communities to ensure a diversity of thought. Finally, advocacy projects should engage the communities that will be impacted by the systems change that would result from a successful project.

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The proposal is due no later than midnight on Sunday, May 12, 2019.

If you have questions about the goals or content of this RCP please contact Nicole Brueggeman, Advocacy & Community Affairs Manager, via email at No phone calls, please.

For more information on the online application system, click here. If there are additional questions, please contact Jenny Minelli, Program Assistant, at or (314) 345-5531.