Bootheel Babies & Families - Hub Partners – New Madrid and Scott Counties (Request for Applications)

Bootheel Babies & Families – Hub Partners (Infant Mortality)

Missouri Foundation for Health’s Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative was established in 2013 to address the disproportionately high rates of infant death in portions of St. Louis and the six counties that make up Missouri’s Bootheel. Using the Collective Impact framework, MFH partners with organizations and communities, working together toward a shared goal – a significant decrease in the infant mortality rates and closing the gap in mortality rates between black and white babies in these geographical locations by 2022.
This Request for Applications (RFA) invites organizations in the MFH region serving New Madrid and Scott counties to apply for funds to operate as Hub Partners with Bootheel Babies and Families (BBF). BBF is a comprehensive community effort to reduce infant mortality in six Bootheel counties (Stoddard, New Madrid, Mississippi, Scott, Pemiscot, and Dunklin) by mobilizing, facilitating, coordinating, and increasing engagement of multi-sector partners and community members.  BBF has created high-level, strategic areas of focus for infant mortality reduction efforts in the Bootheel area. These include:

Safe sleep
Focus – Strategies to prevent infant deaths related to unsafe sleep practices

Substance use and misuse among pregnant women
Focus – Access for support, prevention, and treatment of harmful substance use before, during, and between pregnancies

Pre- and postnatal care
Focus – Strategies to improve access and utilization of appropriate care for women before, during, and between pregnancies, as well as newborns and infants

What is a Hub Partner and why are they important?
Communities and individuals closest to challenging health issues often have the greatest insights regarding potential solutions. Agencies and organizations need an opportunity to discover ways to align across multiple sectors to facilitate those solutions. The BBF Steering Committee’s ongoing work has been informed by community listening sessions, and community reviewers provided feedback on potential projects early in the Bootheel region’s IMRI efforts.  As we enter the second half of MFH’s 10-year IMRI commitment, BBF is prepared to take further steps to empower the Bootheel region to take a leadership role on this issue.
The BBF Hub Partners will serve as community extensions of BBF’s collective efforts to mobilize and engage multi-sector partners in infant mortality reduction strategies. Hub Partners will be county-based organizations who will build trust, identify opportunities, facilitate dialogue toward solutions, consult with and inform BBF Steering Committee of existing services, and monitor and support organizations receiving Aligned Activities funding and others engaging in partnership-driven activities that align with the BBF’s strategic priorities.

Hub Partner Responsibilities: Funding is available for organizations to provide administrative and convening support to service providers, grassroots organizations, and cross-sector partnerships that are delivering the desired outcomes of the IMRI initiative in their county. Organizations interested in serving as a Hub Partner will work closely with the BBF Executive Committee.

Learn more about Hub Partners here.

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Applications must be submitted by Monday, January 14, 2019, at midnight (CT).

Budget and Awards
Applicants can request up to $200,000. Awarded partners will be required to finalize their scope of
activities with the BBF Executive Committee to assure consistency of the hub partner approach.
The time duration is 48 months contingent upon an annual review and approval for continuation from the
BBF Executive Committee.

If you have questions about the goals or content of this RFA please contact Terry Plain, Program Officer, at (314) 345-5542 or