Exemplary Advocate Cohort: Equity Training (Request for Contracted Service Proposals)

Exemplary Advocate Cohort: Equity Training (Request for Contracted Service Proposals)

This request for proposals (RFP) invites trainers to integrate racial and health equity learning into Missouri Foundation for Health’s Exemplary Advocate Cohort (EAC) experience.

Advocacy: Exemplary Advocate Cohort
Missouri Foundation for Health’s Exemplary Advocate Cohort is a cohort of 24 health advocates representing 12 organizations. The EAC members actively work in the field of health and are learning how to adopt a health equity lens in their work. Each organization exhibits experience and knowledge of advocacy activities throughout the state and challenges themselves to promote a relationship-driven advocacy field. Cohort members are required to contribute their time and attention to nine MFH-sponsored cohort workshops/trainings per calendar year; participate in peer-to-peer learning; engage in organizational development, individual/group coaching, and technical assistance provided by the Foundation. The EAC began meeting in January 2019.

Description of Services Required
MFH is requesting proposals from qualified contractors to provide a learning experience that will build shared language and frameworks among the EAC to improve their ability to have constructive conversations about race and equity and incorporate these conversations into their individual and collective work. Equity is a distinct area of knowledge and practice around which we seek an expert outside of the existing facilitation team. We expect the trainer to work collaboratively with the existing facilitation team to integrate racial and health equity learning into the cohort experience. The trainer should be comfortable incorporating racial and health equity into learning on individual, organizational, and cohort levels. The expected contract is for 12 months, with an estimated start date of November 2019.

The trainer will be expected to provide ongoing support in the following ways:

  • Deliver a comprehensive, introductory equity training
  • Design, three dedicated three-hour sessions covering key concepts in 2020
  • Coordinate with the facilitation team to co-design cohort convenings to weave racial and health equity into the curriculum designed to build or enhance advocates’ capacity around leadership, advocacy, network development, communications, and design thinking
  • Provide individual coaching sessions to each cohort member throughout 2020

This is foundational work that will need to be built upon in future years of the cohort. We are open to the best approach as recommended by an experienced trainer(s). Overall, we anticipate workshops will cover the following key concepts:

  • County-specific data-driven assessment of disparities 
  • Bringing an individual and systemic lens to race, racial equity, and structural racism
  • Situating racial and health equity into the historical context of Missouri and the broader U.S.
  • Connecting racial equity to advocacy and policy change
  • Understanding trauma from racial oppression
  • Exploring the intersection of race and other identities
  • Internalizing racism and counteracting racial bias
  • Constructing a power analysis

General Requirements

  • Range of experience creating introductory and more advanced racial equity trainings
  • Knowledge about health outcomes and the health advocacy field in Missouri and the U.S.
  • Interactive, responsive, and inclusive training style
  • Knowledge of additional resources, readings, tools that cohort members use to further develop their knowledge and support them in applying this lens to their work
  • Missouri-based or familiarity with the Missouri political landscape


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The agreement will be 12 months in duration. If selected, the contractor will be required to enter into a Service Agreement with MFH.

The proposal is due no later than midnight on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

If you have questions please email Nicole Brueggeman, Advocacy and Community Affairs Manager.