Improving Maternal Health Outcomes (Request for Contracted Service Proposals)

Improving Maternal Health Outcomes (Request for Contracted Service Proposals)

Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) is requesting proposals from qualified contractors to facilitate the planning and design of a statewide collaborative that builds upon the strengths of the Perinatal Quality Collaborative (PQC) model, the Maternal Child Learning Action Network and other state assets, and integrates accountability to communities’ prioritized needs and solutions. The contractor will engage community members and multisector stakeholders in order to explore the structure for a statewide collaborative that will ultimately incorporate Missouri’s existing maternal child health institutions, networks and resources, while creating equitable, inclusive approaches to sharing decision-making authority with community members. The collaborative will also feature facilitative membership engagement, while working to elevate health policy and advocacy, data sharing, and pathways toward long-term sustainability.

Recognizing the complexity of this undertaking, we expect the lead contractor to put together a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the skills and competencies needed for this work are represented. The role of the team will be to support all participating stakeholders in the planning and design of a statewide maternal health collaborative.

Contractor should be able to demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the complex context surrounding maternal health in the U.S. (e.g., policy, stakeholders, basic clinical knowledge, historical and social contexts). Familiarity with Missouri’s maternal landscape is preferred;
  • Commitment to engaging in equitable practices using an intersectional lens (i.e., how multiple, overlapping identities impact situational power and experiences of discrimination and oppression);
  • Commitment to cultural humility and rigor;
  • Experience working with and building trust among marginalized communities (e.g., Black, rural, low-income, and LGTBQ+ communities);
  • Robust experience with facilitation and mediation among diverse stakeholder groups as related to complex social change issues;
  • Significant experience utilizing emergent and strategic learning practices.

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Deadline extended! Proposals are due no later than noon (CT) on Monday, August 13, 2021.

If you have questions please contact Tori Umstattd CopeStrategist – Initiatives, at  or (314) 345-5542.