Missouri Opportunity Incubator - Documenting the Process (Request for Contracted Service Proposals)

Missouri Opportunity Incubator – Documenting the Process

Missouri Opportunity Incubator Background

In early 2019, Missouri Foundation for Health launched the Missouri Opportunity Incubator, a new project to discover and develop fresh ideas and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the state’s underserved families and communities. The incubator brings together a diverse collective of leaders from different sectors across the state to bring their experience and perspective to bear on some of Missouri’s most intractable problems. Our goal is to build a network of diverse leaders prepared to work across their individual silos and platforms to generate innovative, testable ideas to tackle the challenges that face Missouri families and communities.

Description of Services Required 

Designed in partnership with The Aspen Institute – a nationally recognized hub for convening leaders to generate breakthrough ideas – the Missouri Opportunity Incubator is a first-of-its-kind project of Missouri Foundation for Health. At the end of this project, we want to have the ability to look back and understand how the incubator came to life and how the work unfolded over time.  

MFH is seeking proposals from a qualified persons and/or firms to help us document the Foundation’s Missouri Opportunity Incubator. This work should explore and elevate how the project was conceived, designed, and implemented. The final report should be written in a descriptive, journalistic tone and should pull from multiple sources of information including interviews with MFH staff, partners, and members of the incubator as well as relevant documents pertaining to the incubator and related efforts taking place across the country. 

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The agreement will be up to eight months in duration. We expect to have work completed in early 2020. If selected, contractor will be required to enter into a Service Agreement with MFH.

The proposal is due no later than midnight on Monday, May 27, 2019.

If you have questions please contact Sarah Smith, Learning Officer, at ssmith@mffh.org or (314) 345-5539.