Polling, Survey Research, and Focus Group Consultants (Request for Qualifications)


The purpose of this request for qualifications (RFQ) is to solicit statements of qualifications from consultants who are interested in providing polling, survey research, and focus group services to Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) on an as-needed basis. This RFQ is open to nonprofits, universities, for-profit firms, and independent contractors.

MFH Information Needs
MFH works across various timely and important health issues affecting Missourians. Our strategies to effect change vary depending on the nature of the health issue, the stakeholders engaged, and the information known about how to impact or advance an issue. This means that we frequently need real-time information and research to help inform our thinking about emerging strategies or to provide to stakeholders as background for planning or decision-making.

Purpose of Polling & Survey Consultant RFQ
MFH is seeking to develop a list of pre-qualified firms and consultants whom we can call upon to complete external research as needs emerge. As needs arise, MFH will reach out to qualified contractors derived from this RFQ to inquire about specific expertise and availability to complete projects within a discrete timeframe.

The following are examples of types of projects MFH may call upon qualified consultants to complete, but should not be taken as an all-inclusive list:

  • Answer questions that are “top of mind” for stakeholders and partners across the region;
  • Provide insight regarding public opinion on specific topics;
  • Elevate indicators that assist the Foundation and our partners in understanding the broad context of our work;
  • Help identify key trends that are important to improving health for Missourians.

Click here to download the full RFQ.

Responses must be received by the Foundation no later than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 27, 2019.

Questions concerning this RFQ should be directed to Megan Klenke-Isgriggs, Learning Officer, at
mklenke@mffh.org or (314) 345-5555.