The National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research - Missouri (Request for Proposals)

The National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research – Missouri Research (Request for Proposals)

Missouri Foundation for Health is partnering with the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research (NCGVR) to commission work specific to Missouri. This opportunity, which is open to researchers of different disciplines, as well as doctoral students working on their dissertations, will address gaps in what we know about gun violence and generate evidence to address the issue more effectively. The NCGVR is releasing a request for proposals nationwide as part of its work to fund and disseminate nonpartisan, rigorous scientific research that offers a factual basis for building solutions to the gun violence epidemic. MFH is supporting an add-on component to NCGVR’s request for proposals to undertake additional Missouri-specific work.

NCGVR will fund scientific research on topics likely to provide valuable information needed by the public and policymakers in their efforts to create programs and policies that will save lives and prevent violence. NCGVR seeks proposals for projects that use rigorous scientific methods and that forthrightly acknowledge the limitations of these methods and the projects’ data sources. More information on standards of scientific rigor that will be considered by NCGVR can be found in the full proposal.

Missouri-relevant research involves descriptive or applied research that specifically investigates programs, policies, or interventions used in or developed for Missouri, or that studies the experiences of Missourians, and that produces findings that are specifically relevant to policy­makers and the public in Missouri. Results of the research must be relevant and/or of benefit to individuals and/or communities within the MFH service area. Missouri-relevant research is not restricted to the study of only data from Missouri if comparison of those data with non-Missouri data is useful for clarifying the Missouri-specific effects of a policy or experience of Missourians.

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Letters of interest are due by 8:00 p.m. (EST) on February 4, 2020.

Full proposals will be due approximately 30 days after applicants receive an invitation to submit a full proposal.

Questions about this RFP may be submit­ted to

Applicants should take each deadline’s time zone into account.