Voter Registration and Engagement (Request for Applications)

Voter Registration and Engagement (Request for Applications)

This request for applications (RFA) invites organizations in the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) region to apply for funds to conduct non-partisan voter registration and get out the vote (GOTV) activities in 2020. This RFA aims to minimize confusion around the voting process and to promote civic engagement in Missouri.

MFH is committed to engaging the voices of Missourians to build and support healthy and thriving communities. Increased health equity and improvement in health outcomes depends on community inclusivity and voice, and it is critical that communities are engaged as part of the democratic process, especially those populations with the worst health outcomes and greatest barriers to accessing care. Missouri saw record high voter turnout in 2018, but there are still sizeable gaps in participation and access to participation for many populations across the state. Communities of color and low-income individuals have been historically excluded from equitable access to voting in Missouri. To ensure that representation and policies equitably reflect and benefit all Missourians, it’s imperative access to voting and voter information is improved for historically underrepresented populations.

The goals of this RFA are to support coordinated efforts that:

  • Assist Missouri voters with checking their registration and/or registering to vote;
  • Mobilize voters who are new to the democratic process, low-propensity voters, historically underrepresented, and impacted by health disparities;
  • Conduct GOTV activities in the weeks and days leading into the 2020 election;
  • Create and operate voter protection efforts; and/or
  • Organize and mobilize communities to learn how to navigate the voting process and vote.

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Close Date: Monday, April 6, 2020

Informational Webinar:

Anticipated Award Notification: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Upon award announcement, Missouri Foundation for Health will provide access to a small set of hard copy and digital resources that all grantees will be able to print, post, and use in their engagement efforts.

If you have questions about the goals or content of this RFA please contact Rae Koch, Strategist – Initiatives, at