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Welcome to our messaging and logo repository. Whether you’re a brand new grantee, a member of the media, or a long-time partner of the Foundation, this page offers useful resources for you to pull from as we work together.

Logos & Messaging

Messaging & Imagery

How we define ourselves, and how we ask that you describe us.

About Missouri Foundation for Health:

Missouri Foundation for Health is a resource for the region, working with communities and nonprofits to generate and accelerate positive changes in health. As a catalyst for change, the Foundation improves the health of Missourians through partnership, experience, knowledge, and funding.


  • Missouri Foundation for Health does not have a “the” in front of it. When referring to it after its introduction, you may also call it “the Foundation” (note the capitalized “F”). The abbreviation “MFH” may also be used, but please try to keep it to a minimum.
  • If you’re sharing news/photos or anything else on social media related to the work, please tag us!
    Twitter: @mofoundhealth
    Facebook: /mofoundhealth
  • The Foundation’s photos are exclusively for use by MFH and are not to be used by outside organizations without explicit permission.


Here you can download our logo in a variety of formats.
If you have any questions or require additional versions of the logo please contact Jeff Harris at (314) 345-5512 or at jharris@mffh.org.

Color Horizontal

Missouri Foundation for Health-Logo-Color-Horizontal-Tagline

Grayscale Horizontal

Missouri Foundation for Health-Logo-Grayscale-Horizontal-Tagline

Color Vertical

Missouri Foundation for Health-Logo-Color-Vertical-Tagline

Grayscale Vertical

Missouri Foundation for Health-Logo-Grayscale-Vertical-Tagline