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Amplifying Our Voice

In determining ways that we can use our voice to have lasting impact, we look at opportunities of where our work most intersects and how we can leverage the issue on which we want to take a public leadership role.

Elevating issues such as women’s health, Census 2020, and affordable health coverage for all align with our strategic vision of a Missouri where all people have affordable health insurance coverage; every Missourian has access to high-quality care; inequities in health and well-being disappear; and every community provides a social, economic, and physical environment that provides opportunities to thrive and promotes health and well-being for all.

In 2019, we began to experiment with using our voice in different ways. Here are a few examples of how we applied our knowledge, experience, and expertise to confidently speak on emerging health topics:

The universal sign for female

Women’s Health in Missouri: Going in the Wrong Direction

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Picture of a woman

What is Really Needed to Improve the Health of Black Women?

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Image of people from Ferguson, Missouri shortly after the Michael Brown incident

Reflections on Ferguson: Five Years

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Missouri 2020 Census logo, which has raising arms within the outline of the state's shape

Census Citizenship Question Banned for Now

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Close-up of a hands

Centering Voices of Black-led Organizations is Crucial to the Health and Well-being of Our Communities

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Cut out of a newspaper article about how Mercy hospitals had planned to end midwife services

Amplifying our voice is one way that we're changing things.