A middle aged woman and a young boy pose for a hopeful picture A middle aged woman and a young boy pose for a hopeful picture
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The Success of The Net Benefit

Our state is only as strong as our people. And our people – our families, friends, and neighbors – are strong when they have access to the food, shelter, health care, and economic support they need to lead healthy lives. From summer 2018 through the end of 2019, we created and ran a communications campaign that reinforced just that – #TheNetBenefit of taking care of one another.

#TheNetBenefit was the first Foundation-led branded campaign. After convening more than 20 partners, we worked to spread a positive message in support of the health and social safety net, using a variety of mediums and strategies.

As you’ll see in the video below, we’re quite proud of all we accomplished. It was quite an experience to witness the conversation changing.

Picture of a woman in a black and white striped dress, smiling into the camera
A collection of inspirational images of people and quotes
Image of an African American woman wearing a light blue shirt

Though the campaign itself ended in 2019, topics like Medicaid expansion and access to care remain areas of focus for us. In many ways the spirit of #TheNetBenefit continues through all of our work. In addition, our new communications campaign focused on the 2020 Census, Missouri Counts, employs many of the same strategies that made The Net Benefit so successful. Again, we’re convening partners, engaging in research, and developing messages to promote the greater good for our region. Stay tuned throughout 2020 to learn more about how #MissouriCounts!