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Dear Colleagues and Partners,

It is hard to believe how quickly 2018 came and went. Much has happened at the Foundation in the previous year, and we're excited to highlight and share our most memorable health moments with our grantees, partners, and stakeholders. Improving the health of individuals and communities most in need is rewarding work, and I'm so proud to be a part of an organization that has not backed down from the health challenges that our communities face.

I officially started my tenure as MFH Board chair at the beginning of 2019, and as such, I'd like to thank our 2018 chair, Serena Muhammad, for her dedication and guidance. As you'll see in this report, 2018 was a year in which we accomplished a great deal. MFH continues to serve as a changemaker, convener, and trusted source of information, as we work with our partners to address issues of racial and health equity, increase access to affordable care, and reduce infant mortality, to name only a few of our many efforts.

We hope this creative collection of stories will illuminate our work and how we've been catalyzing change on a number of important health concerns in our state. Our work wouldn't be possible without collaboration and the expertise of those of you in the field who are implementing strategies and navigating the complex landscape of health in our region. Many thanks to all involved! Let's keep making change happen!


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Janet Gooch
Board Chair