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Dear Community Partners,

In last year's annual report letter, I wrote about the level of uncertainty we were facing as a region and as a country, and how those complexities affected how we work as a foundation. Needless to say, the political and health care landscape hasn't gotten any easier to navigate in the last 12 months. Despite (and perhaps because of) these external difficulties, I consider this an exciting time at MFH. Health and health care remain high on the list of public concerns, and it's shining a spotlight on the importance of our work. Our voice is even more important in today's climate, and I think we're rising to the challenge.

As you'll see throughout this annual report, our efforts are varied but always strategic. Our focus on health equity is increasing, and we continue to stress #TheNetBenefit we see as a society when our community members have their basic needs met.

The biggest news of the year of course is our big move to the vibrant Forest Park Southeast neighborhood! This transition complements our role as a convener and partner and positions us to be even more engaged in our communities. That's why the title of this year's annual report, “The Blueprint for a Healthier Missouri,” is so fitting for us. We, along with our grantees and partners, are building piece by piece the future we want to see for our region.

One of the great things about being part of this foundation is that, as a private organization, we have the freedom to chart our course based on our mission, values, and guiding principles. It's a privilege and a responsibility we keep uppermost in mind as we join forces to improve the health and well-being of people and communities most in need.


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Bob Hughes
Missouri Foundation for Health
President & CEO