Expanding Medicaid in Missouri – Where we stand as a Foundation


Given the weight of the evidence from other states, we believe Missouri should expand Medicaid eligibility. Our initiative to support Medicaid expansion directly aligns with our mission and values, and as Medicaid expansion continues to be explored in Missouri and possibly moves to implementation, we will be assessing how we can assist with enrollment and ensure access to quality care for both existing and new Medicaid patients.

In 2019, we funded research on the fiscal impact of Medicaid expansion in Missouri. That study estimated savings of nearly $39 million in fiscal year 2020 if Missouri was to adopt expansion. The same study estimated MO HealthNet annual savings could reach more than $930 million by fiscal year 2024.

We encourage you to review this research to understand the fiscal analysis of expanding Medicaid in Missouri. We will also be putting out additional research that help us understand the impact of expansion and how to effectively implement the program change to best serve consumers. For more information on the evidence about expansion, see our analysis of the pros and cons illustrated by the research.

Read Our Medicaid Expansion Issue Brief