Making Change Happen

Improving health through partnerships, experience, knowledge, and funding.

Community Ideas

We respond to our communities’ self-identified health needs and help them cultivate their best ideas. We engage with these communities and become a resource for them, working together toward positive changes in health.

  • Fostering relationships
  • Strengthening promising practices
  • Piloting new ideas
  • Contributing to improving health fields

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Health Policy

We address health issues from a systemic perspective by supporting education, advocacy, and analysis on issues significant to the health of uninsured and underserved Missourians.

  • Publishing unbiased research and sharing information
  • Promoting access to quality, affordable health coverage
  • Helping individuals and groups become more effective advocates
  • Engaging communities and government to foster a network of stakeholders

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Our work has evolved from primarily providing funding to a multifaceted role as a partner and convener.