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June 25, 2024

The Health Impacts of Missouri’s Abortion Ban Cannot Be Ignored

June 18, 2024

If Not Now, When? Making the Case for a Third Reconstruction

May 29, 2024

SuN Bucks: Bridging Summer Nutrition Gaps in Missouri 

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We are a resource for the region, working with communities and nonprofits to generate and accelerate positive changes in health.

Changemaking Tools

Health Policy & Advocacy

We are a nonbiased source of health policy information for policymakers, organizations, media, and others throughout the region and country. We also work to strengthen Missouri’s field of advocates by fostering increased capacity, diversity, power sharing, and effectiveness.

Learning & Research

Through learning and research, the Foundation and our partners seek to understand the experiences and perspectives of Missourians whose health is affected by a range of systemic injustices.


MoCAP is a program to help Missouri-based nonprofits and governmental health organizations submit stronger applications for federal and national funding opportunities.

Opportunity Fund

Through our Opportunity Fund, we’re challenging outmoded ways of thinking and testing concepts that explore ways to disrupt the status quo.

Strategic Communications

Strategic communications touches all aspects of our work as we strive to raise awareness, share the stories of real Missourians, increase impact, and build unifying messaging.

Strategic Initiatives

At any given time, we’re committed to addressing a diverse mix of pressing issues in our region, never losing sight of the equity lens that shapes all our work.

Our Initiatives

Food Justice

Our Food Justice initiative aims to ensure equitable access to healthy, affordable, culturally relevant food for all Missourians. Approaches focus on access, cultivation, production, and distribution to create a sustainable and just food system.

Photo of woman working in outdoor garden

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Our 5 service areas include 84 counties and the city of St. Louis


Famous author and humorist Mark Twain was born in Florida, MO, and his boyhood home is now a museum in Hannibal, MO.


The University of Missouri in Columbia was the first college in the world to offer a journalism degree (1908).

St. Louis

Maya Angelou, often referred to as “The People’s Poet Laureate,” was born in St. Louis, MO.


A herd of about 100 bison make their home in Prairie State Park, located in Barton County, MO.


Missouri mines more lead than any other state in the nation, with six mines operating in what is known as the Lead Belt.

Our Process

Idea to Initiative

Our strategic initiatives are one of the ways we drive change as we work to achieve health equity. Watch this video to learn about how we decide where to focus our efforts.

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Your vote can help create policies that build healthier outcomes for all Missourians. Check your voter registration here.
Your vote can help create policies that build healthier outcomes for all Missourians. Check your voter registration here.