Changemaking Tools

Making Change Happen

Our strategic initiatives are just one piece in our portfolio of changemaking tools. Learn more about the many other ways we’re improving health and well-being in our region.

Health Policy & Advocacy

We are a nonbiased source of health policy information for policymakers, organizations, media, and others throughout the region and country. We also work to strengthen Missouri’s field of advocates by fostering increased capacity, diversity, power sharing, and effectiveness.

Learning & Research

Through learning and research, the Foundation and our partners seek to understand the experiences and perspectives of Missourians whose health is affected by a range of systemic injustices.


Through our MoCAP program, we attract federal and national funding for health- or prevention-focused organizations by spreading awareness about opportunities and offering free technical support and consulting services to eligible groups.

Opportunity Fund

Through our Opportunity Fund, we’re challenging outmoded ways of thinking and testing concepts that explore ways to disrupt the status quo.

Strategic Communications

Strategic communications touches all aspects of our work as we strive to raise awareness, share the stories of real Missourians, increase impact, and build unifying messaging.