Health Policy & Advocacy

Strengthening the field of advocates and serving as a resource of trusted policy information.

We are a nonbiased source of health policy information for policymakers, organizations, media, and others throughout the region and country. We also work to strengthen Missouri’s field of advocates by fostering increased capacity, diversity, power sharing, and effectiveness.

Through our Health Policy work, we use research, analysis, education, collaboration, and strategic communications to drive lasting systems change at the state and local level and create structures that promote health equity for all Missourians. 

This effort ties directly to our advocacy work, which focuses on enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of Missouri advocacy organizations to promote health equity and to build and share power, particularly in communities of color. Our policy and advocacy work are informed and influenced by partners in the field as we seek the most effective ways to support and strengthen them.

Health Policy

We focus on three broad policy areas that cut across a range of issues that affect the health of Missourians: 

  • Enhancing access to care
  • Addressing the social, economic, and environmental factors that shape health
  • Supporting our strategically aligned work (policy projects that further our issues-based efforts)

Policy work is accomplished through a variety of approaches, including conducting and commissioning relevant research and analyses; engaging in education, dialogue, and convening around key policy topics; supporting independent fact-based media; and investing in projects that use policy development and change to build or strengthen the systems that improve Missourians’ ability to lead healthy lives.

We offer a variety of resources related to policy and systems change work:

  • Legislative Updates:
    We provide up-to-date nonpartisan information on health-related issues being addressed by the Missouri General Assembly and U.S. Congress to help our community partners navigate the policymaking process. Sign up for our Legislative Updates mailing list here.
  • Health Policy Publications:
    We publish nonpartisan research and analyses that informs decisions on topics such as Missouri Medicaid, health equity, federal health reform, policy options, surveys, and more.
  • Link Project:
    Our partners work at the local level to improve the well-being of their communities and can provide essential information to policymakers about the health challenges in their districts. The MFH Link Project uses workshops and experiential learning opportunities to help grantees and other community partners in the policymaking process.


We are a resource and partner for health advocates who are promoting policy change in their communities and in our state. We work with advocates and organizers to build capacity, enhance diversity in the field, and increase power sharing to  advance health equity.

Leadership & Collaboration

  • Exemplary Advocate Cohort:
    A multi-year cohort that focuses on building capacity and shifting power to advance health equity in the field of advocates and organizers in Missouri.
  • Trainings and technical assistance:
    To strengthen the advocacy capacity of community partners, we offer a variety of technical assistance and learning opportunities.
  • Partnerships:
    We partner with more than 40 organizations to support and strengthen efforts to advance health equity and promote policy change on a wide variety of issue areas. Topics include civic engagement and power building, immigrant-led organizing, rural-community engagement, and social determinants of health such as clean water and utility equity.

Get in Touch

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Portrait of Sheldon Weisgrau
Sheldon Weisgrau, MHS
Vice President of Health Policy & Advocacy
Portrait of Nancy Kelley
Nancy Kelley, MA
Director of Health Advocacy
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Jennifer Carter Dochler, MSW
Director of Government Affairs