Join Missouri's largest health foundation, and help us make our state a better place to live.

Our talented and dedicated staff work in our five service areas with communities and organizations to make positive changes in health every day. We're looking for people with health-related degrees and experience who are ready to make a difference in the lives of all people, with a focus on the most vulnerable.


Employment Opportunities

Program Fellow

The Foundation’s Fellowship Program is a unique opportunity for early careerists to learn about how a philanthropic organization works to have a positive impact on important health issues. This competitive fellowship opportunity places a strong emphasis on professional development, supporting the fellow for career plans beyond the Foundation. The fellowship is a 24-month appointment beginning on the date of hire, requiring residence in the metropolitan St. Louis area during the term of engagement.

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Government Affairs Manager

Under the direction of the Director of Health Policy, the Government Affairs Manager is responsible for activities related to government outreach and shares responsibility and accountability for implementing the Foundation’s strategies for addressing health issues prioritized by the Board of Directors. This individual will serve as the Foundation’s principal liaison with Missouri federal, state, and local elected officials by acting as a conduit of information and research related to MFH through activities and by building relationships with elected officials and organizations.

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Program Officer - General

Under the direction of the Program Director, the Program Officer will share responsibility and accountability for implementing the Foundation’s strategies for addressing health issues prioritized by the Board of Directors. The Program Officer will be an integral member of the Foundation’s Program department and will be responsible for the development, implementation, and management of projects with grantees, demonstrating good stewardship of the Foundation’s resources by fostering external partnerships and collaborations, guiding the program from application, concept development, presentation of proposals, and evaluation results. This position will have multiple responsibilities and projects with various departments and must prioritize as such, as well as be collaborative.

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  • Teamwork Oriented

    We believe that cooperative efforts drawing on the strengths of multiple staff members achieve the best results for the communities we serve, while fostering staff learning and highlighting the capabilities and contributions of each staff member.

  • Continual Learners

    We actively work to broaden our knowledge on health issues in Missouri, cultivate professional skills, encourage healthy behaviors, and we are willing to accept alternative perspectives other than our own.

  • Dedicated

    We are committed to the MFH mission through our work and community partnerships.

  • Innovative

    We respond creatively in moving forward to meet Missouri’s health challenges. We are not constrained by traditional views of how a foundation works, and always seek approaches that provide maximum benefit to our population while pursuing a flexible grantmaking style.

  • Open & Communicative

    We communicate effectively in order to achieve open dialogue internally and externally. We recognize the value of others’ opinions and actively seek and respect many different viewpoints on the issues we face and the work we do.

  • People of Integrity

    We strive to treat people with honesty, fairness, and compassion. We conduct business in an ethical manner, earning our internal and external customers’ trust by being honorable in all our relationships and providing value in every respect to our Board, Community Advisory Council, staff, partners, and the communities we serve.

  • Respectful

    We treat everyone with dignity and courtesy. Understanding that different points of view will allow us to enhance our knowledge and performance, we listen to and learn from everyone.

  • Balanced in Work and LIfe

    We recognize that employees rise to their highest level of work performance when they are supported in maintaining their health and family/community relationships.

We Value Diversity

The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our employees, partners, and people we serve is what makes our work so dynamic. We strive to provide a fair, inclusive, and respectful working environment. A supportive workplace that embraces diversity helps us fulfill our mission.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Plan outlines the Foundation’s commitment to the long-term plan, allowing for flexibility to change over time as goals are achieved, priorities change, and new opportunities present themselves in the workplace and community.

Human Resources

Tomye Harris

Manager, Human Resources

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