KFF Health News Midwest Bureau

Independent, high-quality journalism.

In collaboration with the Kaiser Family Foundation, we established the KFF Health News Midwest Bureau in February 2019. Through this partnership, KFF Health News expanded its editorial staff and built a team of journalists based in St. Louis who are producing coverage throughout the Midwest. The goal is to bring the same high-quality health and health policy journalism that KFF produces nationally to the region and to highlight important stories from the Midwest Bureau to the nation.

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Why it matters

Journalism is in a state of crisis, with budget cuts and staff reductions an all-too common occurrence, particularly in smaller markets. Many communities have few trusted sources of information, and this is especially true when it comes to stories about health and health policy.

How we’re changing things

We recognize the importance of health journalism and the infrastructure behind it and wanted to elevate our long-standing work in the health journalism space, while improving the environment for high-quality news. Additionally, we knew there were important health stories from our region that weren’t getting the local and national attention they deserved. Partnering with the well-respected KFF Health News to create a regional bureau was the perfect opportunity to do something transformative.

KFF Health News is a national health and health policy newsroom, producing in-depth news coverage of health care policy and politics. An editorially independent program of the Kaiser Family Foundation, KFF Health News stories produced from the Midwest Bureau are made freely available for publication by media outlets throughout the region and the country and are published on khn.org.