A New Online Identity, a Message From Our CEO


Most of you are aware that over the past three years, Missouri Foundation for Health has been evolving in various ways. What initially began as a rigorous strategy shift has transformed into a new identity, logo, and tagline, along with a new way of describing ourselves and how we work. We are excited to share with you our most recent development – our newly designed website.

Last year, during the rollout of our new look, we did what we call a website “reskin,” which is an overhaul of the site so that it was complementary to our new brand. A new website has been in the works for a while now. As our external face to the world, it’s very important that we have a site that is equipped with programmatic goals, funding guidelines, essential grantee resources, and stories of impact and partnership. And, above all, it allows us to be transparent and open to the public. Though I feel that we did a good job capturing our spirit with our old site, I believe that our new website – with its responsive design – is much more visually appealing and includes features that will help us elevate our communications efforts.

We are thrilled to be able to heighten our storytelling through this blog and via the “What’s New” tab. Additionally, being able to connect you to the many facets of our work and demonstrate how our programs and initiatives are overlapping in the region is a recent priority. You will see these correlations highlighted with the new way that Special Projects and MoCAP are showcased. From the focus groups that were conducted at the start of this process, we discovered that grantees want access to helpful information, in the most user-friendly way possible!

We are definitely changing things! As our work continues to progress to meet the needs of the people in our service area, our updated communications tools will assist us in telling our story in a way that resonates with our audiences. This new site better reflects our philosophy, our approach to challenges, issues, and opportunities. We hope you enjoy browsing through the new site!

– Robert Hughes, President and CEO