Link Project

Our grant recipients and community partners work at the local level to address critical health needs and can provide essential information to policymakers about the health challenges in their districts. In 2006, we launched our Link Project to help grantees and community partners understand the policymaking process in Missouri and learn when and how they can successfully influence that process.

The MFH Link Project was modeled on Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “Connect Project” and has been amended to meet recipients’ needs. It now includes workshops, experiential learning, and ongoing support in navigating the Missouri legislative process.

Link Project Events & Activities for Grantees

Education Day (invitation only)

We invite a representative sample of grantees to the Missouri Capitol to educate new and returning legislators about health needs in Missouri and the Foundation’s role. Open to any current MFH grant recipient, these events provide legislators with insight into health concerns with facilitation by our staff. Education Day is typically held each year in February and may be organized by geographic location or topic. Activities include a dinner training and small-group meetings with state legislators.

Introductory Capitol Workshop

Held twice each fall, these workshops provide an overview of Missouri state government and appropriate ways to engage policymakers. Participants learn the legislative process, tour the Missouri Capitol, participate in a mock hearing, and discuss how to effectively build relationships with lawmakers.

Advanced Capitol Workshop

Held once every other year, this two-day workshop delves deeper into effective advocacy campaign development and implementation strategies. It is open to individuals who have participated in the Introductory Capitol Workshop and, occasionally, to those with demonstrated advocacy experience.

Legislative Updates, Bill Tracking & Analysis