Firearm Suicide Prevention

A crisis impacting all Missourians.

In the spring of 2022, we launched End Family Fire Missouri, a two-year campaign in partnership with the Ad Council and Brady designed to raise awareness of the risks of unsecured (unlocked and loaded) firearms in the home in relation to gun suicide. The effort is dedicated to reducing firearm deaths and injuries in the home through enhancing safe storage practices among gun owners. The work is strictly non-partisan in nature and brings firearm owners into the conversation to have them be part of the solution. Visit End Family Fire Missouri to learn more about suicide prevention, safe firearm storage, and to view videos from the campaign.

In 2021, we joined forces to create the Missouri Firearm Suicide Prevention Learning Cohort. Over a 24-month period (February 2021-January 2023), seven planning grantees from across the region worked to develop promising gun-suicide prevention approaches that focus on reducing firearm suicide rates among specific populations that are at highest risk. Each group collected and analyzed community data, listened to families and communities suffering in this crisis, and developed local, sustainable solutions for prevention. The cohort has now entered the implementation phase of their work, with efforts lasting up to five years (2023-2027).

Since 2018, we’ve been working with the Safer Homes Collaborative to engage firearm-owning communities and expand and strengthen the network of organizations addressing firearm suicide and safety. We’ve also partnered with organizations like Frameworks Institute to help us bridge divides and make the connection between firearms and suicide clearer to the general public.

Our work to address firearm suicides is closely aligned with our broader firearm injury and death work.