Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities

From introducing healthier foods and more opportunities for physical activity in schools, to improving parks and sidewalks, to building new bike trails — communities made changes that are having a lasting impact. And HSHC provided resources and support to help make it possible.

Building a Healthier Future

Through Healthy Schools Healthy Communities (HSHC), we brought together schools, community organizations, businesses, parents, and residents to identify and advocate for changes that increase access to healthy food and physical activity where our kids live, learn, and play.

Schools at The Hub

Launched in 2013, the Healthy Schools Healthy Communities initiative worked at the school district level, and school districts in turn reached out to their K-8 schools. Schools conducted wellness assessments and created action plans in order to meet intermediate outcomes and the long-term goal of reducing childhood obesity rates in their districts.

School wellness committee action plans addressed school foods, physical education/activity, health education, school policy, and family engagement. MFH provided a resource guide of approaches and programs to assist in the development of concrete action steps.

Key to these efforts was our support for a school district wellness coordinator, who developed and organized committees and offered expert technical assistance.

Healthy Communities

Statewide Focus & Collaboration

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Portrait of Kathleen Holmes
Kathleen Holmes, RN, MPH
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives