Unintended Pregnancy Prevention

Empowering women and families to pursue the future they want.

the right time

The Right Time is a six-year initiative that is based on the simple belief that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue the future they want, including if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant. We seek to empower individuals to take control of their own health by improving information about, and removing barriers to, contraceptive services, recognizing that decisions always rest with the patient.

With a goal of reducing Missouri’s unintended pregnancy rate by 10%, we are committed to addressing persistent health disparities that exist around unintended pregnancy and marginalized populations.

Why it matters:

Fifty-one percent of all pregnancies in Missouri are described by women themselves as unintended, and women of color, women of limited economic means, and women with less education all have higher rates of unintended pregnancy. The annual public costs associated with unintended pregnancy is $518 million in Missouri.

When women get pregnant on their own terms, they face fewer challenges in achieving their educational and career goals and are better prepared for the demands of parenthood. This leads to healthier women and babies, substantial savings to Missouri’s health system, and reduced health disparities.

How we’re changing things:

Through this initiative, we are working with a variety of health centers in targeted regions across the state to provide training, technical assistance, and funding to expand access to the full range of contraceptive methods. At present, there are a total of 12 The Right Time partner health centers in 32 locations throughout Missouri; including Columbia in the center of the state, St. Louis in the east, Joplin in the southwest, and Cape Girardeau in the southeast. An additional group of health centers are expected to join in 2021.

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initiative start: 2019

A 10% drop in unintended pregnancies in Missouri

The Right Time seeks to help women most in need of contraceptive services, with special attention to eliminating health disparities by reducing cost, access, and knowledge barriers, and focusing on equity for women who are uninsured or underinsured, geographically isolated, low income, teens, and/or women of color.
1.5-2X Higher rates of unintended pregnancy for Latina and African-American women
As compared to non-Hispanic white women
5X Higher rates of unintended pregnancy for women living at or below the poverty level
As compared to women living above the poverty level
Helping women and couples time and space pregnancies through the effective use of contraception improves maternal and child health.