Extreme Risk Protection Orders: A Firearm Violence Intervention

graphic from report showing map of states with ERPO Laws

As many states grapple with attempts to curb rising rates of firearm violence, the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy, a multidisciplinary group of experts committed to advancing evidence-based gun violence prevention policies, recommends states enact a risk-based firearm removal policy widely known as an extreme risk protection order (ERPO).1 ERPOs are short-term preventative protective orders that permit the temporary removal of firearms from individuals determined to be at risk of committing firearm violence against themselves or others. The policy is patterned on domestic violence protection orders found nationwide and grounded in research regarding evidence-based risk interventions for interpersonal and self-directed violence. ERPO laws enable specific individuals to petition a court to
temporarily limit another individual’s access to firearms if they are deemed a threat to themselves or others.