Shining Through the Darkness (2020)

Photo of laptop with image of 2020 annual report on the screen

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a year of anguish that no one was able to fully escape. Even so, some people and groups bore the death and pain more acutely than others, reflecting yet again the countless inequities that exist in our country.

The reverberations of this event will be felt for years, but we remain steadfast in our hope for better days to come. A bright spotlight has been pointed directly at many issues that we, as a Foundation, have been working to address for years. These traumatic times will offer us new opportunities to promote transformative changes to the health and health care landscape in Missouri.

In this annual report, we reflect with pride on our accomplishments during these difficult days. We invite you to join us, gazing back at the glimmers of light in the darkness and forward into the faint dawning of the days ahead.