Our Compensation Philosophy

The Foundation’s compensation system reflects our core values of equity, integrity, humility, and commitment. Our compensation system is fairly and transparently administered, demonstrates our commitment to our employees and our respect for their privacy and autonomy.

Human resources are a means to achieve impact and accomplish our mission. In assessing compensation, the Foundation will make strategic decisions that rest in judgment on how well employees are carrying out mission-aligned work.

MFH is committed to salary equity, and compensation will be determined based upon an independent assessment of qualifications relative to the position responsibilities. We consider salary and benefits to be compensation. In addition to compensation, the Foundation is committed to professional growth by providing industry-specific learning opportunities, including conferences, internships, leadership programs, and trainings at all levels for staff development. Employees are encouraged to grow through new and challenging work assignments that allow them to stretch existing skills and quickly acquire new ones.

The Foundation has developed a salary administration system which considers several factors when determining compensation. These factors include local, national, and industry-specific comparisons and trends which are validated by an outside expert periodically.

To ensure internal equity, each position is placed in a salary grade based upon responsibilities, expectations, required knowledge, and scope of influence within the organization. The Foundation’s salary administration and performance management systems are inextricably linked. Employee compensation will fall within the salary range of the grade based upon demonstrated competence, achievements, growth in expertise, and ability to collaborate across the Foundation and the community we serve.