Black Youth Suicide Convening- Facilitation and Subject Matter Expertise (Request for Contracted Service Proposals)

Portrait of a young Black man wearing an orange shirt. He is smiling while standing outside

Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to provide subject matter expertise and technical support for a convening focused on preventing Black youth suicides, including firearm-related suicides, in Missouri. The selected contractor will play a crucial role in managing the planning process, providing insights and guidance on convening content and format, engaging relevant stakeholders throughout the process and supporting coordination efforts. We would also like a contractor who can adopt a systems-level approach to address the critical issue of Black youth suicide. This involves the implementation of anti-discrimination measures, the cultivation of inclusive educational environments, and the proactive challenge of stereotypes contributing to the marginalization of Black youth. The aim is to establish a more resilient and supportive framework that prioritizes the mental well-being of Black youth and contributes to the creation of a society where everyone can thrive.

Proposals must be received by noon Central on April 15, 2024.

If you have questions please contact Marcel Scaife, Strategist, at or (314) 345-5546.

For more information on the online submission process, click here. If there are additional questions, please contact Wendy Rohrbach, Project Coordinator, at or (314) 345-5504.