Our Vision & Core Values

Missourians from all backgrounds will have a fair and just opportunity to live their healthiest lives.

The Foundation will exist in perpetuity in service of all Missourians. We aspire to be a trusted antiracist institution that fairly targets its resources to achieve health equity.  

Two young boys sitting in a waiting room, looking out the window

Core Values

Our core values play an essential role in guiding all of our work and are integral for achieving our mission. They reflect who we are as an organization and what we strive for in all of our interactions, both internally and with the public.


We believe that health is a fundamental human right and that achieving equity is our collective responsibility. We are committed to eliminating inequities within all aspects of health and addressing the social and economic factors that shape health outcomes.


We value the trust of the individuals and communities we serve and earn that trust through a culture of ethical conduct and transparency.


We recognize the dignity of all people and embrace the fact that some of our greatest ideas and feedback are generated from the communities we serve. We possess an openness and curiosity to listen, learn, develop solutions, and self-reflect.


We are passionate about creating meaningful change and understand this requires a sense of urgency combined with dedication, risk-taking, and strategy.

Three Big Ways We Make Change

Contribute toward an enabling environment for improving health equity

Drive lasting systems change on a carefully selected number of key issues

Support key opportunities to advance our vision and mission

What is Systems Change?

So what do we mean when we say “systems change?”

Learn about our shared definition, how it works in real life, and where you fit in.
(A paper cutout of our CEO might just help it all make sense!)