Birth Control Access and the Supreme Court’s Ruling


We believe a woman has the right to make her own decisions about her health care. Extensive research has demonstrated that policies and practices that prevent or limit autonomy and access to contraceptives are detrimental to a woman’s health and financial well-being throughout her life. That abundance of evidence underpins MFH’s The Right Time initiative – through this effort we are investing millions of dollars to increase access to the full-range of contraceptive options for women in Missouri.

The recent Supreme Court decision – upholding a policy that allows employers to opt-out of providing insurance coverage for contraception – will make it harder for thousands of women to make their own choices about when and under what circumstances to get pregnant. The decision will have cascading negative effects on these women and their families, including increased poverty, family financial instability, and traumatic stress. The Supreme Court decision means advances in women’s health will take longer and be more challenging and costly than before, but it doesn’t change the science or the public sentiment that favors continued progress toward healthier women and families.