Health Advocacy

Increasing the coordination, capacity, and effectiveness of Missouri’s field of advocates.

We are a resource for health advocates who are navigating the complexities of health policy change.

Since 2004, we have played a role in building the capacity, leadership, coordination, and expertise of the field of Missouri’s health advocates.

Currently, we have two active strategies:

Advocacy Leadership & Collaboration

Civic Engagement

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Advocacy Leadership & Collaboration

Exemplary Advocate Cohort

A five-year cohort that is developing a group agenda focused on health equity, participating in peer-to-peer learning, taking part in coaching and technical assistance, and receiving skill-building training.

Building Capacity for Advocacy

We seek to build the diversity and capacity of organizations so that they can more effectively engage in health advocacy efforts through project-based grants, trainings, and technical assistance.

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement Projects

We support specific projects working to increase individual and community civic participation, especially those that are focused on outreach to new and underrepresented voices.

Strengthening the Field of Civic Engagement

We invest in opportunities to build collaboration, skills, and the effectiveness of the civic-engagement field in Missouri.

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Nancy Kelley, MA
Director of Health Advocacy