Makes Sense MO

No matter how you look at it, expanding Medicaid in Missouri just makes sense.

Makes Sense MO

Right now, in Missouri, parents in a family of four must earn $5,550 or less per year to qualify for health insurance through Medicaid. A single adult does not qualify. 230,000 Missourians make too much to qualify for Medicaid—but not enough to afford health coverage on their own. Without health insurance, Missourians can’t get and stay healthy, go to work, and support their families. By expanding Missouri’s Medicaid program, MO HealthNet, an individual who makes up to $18,000 per year would be eligible. Expanding the Medicaid program would also bring our taxpayer dollars back home and save state funding, keep rural hospitals open, and create jobs

A vote to expand Medicaid in Missouri was recently pushed up to the primary election being held on August 4th, 2020.

We want to help you spread the word about how Medicaid expansion makes sense for Missouri. We will continue to update this sub-page with resources, including messaging, social media toolkits, research, and data.

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