Health Policy

We are a resource for fact-based, nonpartisan health policy information and a catalyst for systemic change at the federal, state, and local levels.

Addressing issues from a public policy perspective

Health Policy looks at the health care issues facing our region from a more systemic, long-term perspective. We promote unbiased, data-driven research about important topics and support projects that fit with our Health Policy agenda, including:

  • Enhancing access to care

  • Addressing the social, economic, and environmental factors that shape  health

  • Strategically aligned work (policy projects that further our issues-based strategies)

If you are interested in discussing a potential project related to this agenda, please contact Sheldon Weisgrau, Vice President of Health Policy & Advocacy.

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We also provide a variety of resources related to policy and systems-change work:

Legislative Updates
We provide up-to-date nonpartisan information on health-related issues being addressed by the Missouri General Assembly and U.S. Congress to help our community partners navigate the policymaking process. Sign up for our Legislative Updates mailing list here.

Health Policy Publications
We publish nonpartisan research and analysis that informs decisions on topics such as Missouri Medicaid, health equity, federal health reform, policy options, surveys, and more.

Link Project
MFH grant recipients work at the local level to address critical health care needs and can provide essential information to policymakers about the health challenges in their districts. The MFH Link Project uses workshops and experiential learning opportunities to help grantees in the policymaking process.

Health Policy Voices
Read the Foundation’s latest blog posts related to health policy.

Community Presentations
We are available to speak on a variety of health-related topics. Please contact Sheldon Weisgrau, Vice President of Health Policy & Advocacy, to inquire on a given topic and available speaker.

Policy Contact

Sheldon Weisgrau

Vice President of Health Policy & Advocacy

(314) 345-5574