Health Advocacy

Increasing the coordination, capacity, and effectiveness of Missouri's field of advocates.

Empowering Missourians to be a voice for change

We are a resource for health advocates who are navigating the complexities of health policy change.

Since 2004, we have played a role in building the capacity, leadership, coordination, and expertise of the field of Missouri’s health advocates.

Currently, we have two active strategies:

  • Advocacy Leadership & Collaboration

  • Civic Engagement


Advocacy Leadership & Collaboration

  • Exemplary Advocate Cohort: A five-year cohort that is developing a group agenda focused on health equity, participating in peer-to-peer learning, taking part in coaching and technical assistance, and receiving skill-building training.
  • Building Capacity for Advocacy: We seek to build the diversity and capacity of organizations so that they can more effectively engage in health advocacy efforts through project-based grants, trainings, and technical assistance.

Civic Engagement

  • Civic Engagement Projects – We support specific projects working to increase individual and community civic participation, especially those that are focused on outreach to new and underrepresented voices.
  • Strengthening the Field of Civic Engagement – We invest in opportunities to build collaboration, skills, and the effectiveness of the civic-engagement field in Missouri.

Visit our Health Policy page to learn more about how we’re working to support systems-level change.

Questions? Contact:

Nancy Kelley

Director of Health Advocacy

(314) 345-5503