Study of Missouri Hospital System Policies on Debt Collection and Impacts on Access to Care (Request for Contracted Service Proposals)

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MFH is seeking a contractor to collect and analyze information on Missouri hospital policies and practices as they relate to medical debt. This includes but is not limited to: debt collection policies on the part of a hospital as facilitated by the hospital directly or a third party on behalf of the hospital,; policies surrounding scheduling care when a patient has debt existing within a hospital system,; and financial assistance programs and policies. This data should then be analyzed in cross-reference to findings highlighted in the previously conducted Medical Debt Statewide Focus Group Project and Medical Debt Statewide Survey Project, which represent the first and second steps of the medical debt project at MFH (this data will be provided to the contractor, if chosen). The contractor should analyze these three sets of data in comparison to document overarching trends, while also highlighting outliers in policy from various systems.

Proposals must be received by noon, Central, on May 29, 2024.

If you have questions please contact Samantha Schrage Bunk, Health Policy Strategist, at or (314) 345-5539.

If there are additional questions about the online submission process, please contact Wendy Rohrbach, Project Coordinator, at or (314) 345-5504.