Healthy Schools Healthy Communities Toolkit

Do you want a healthier future for your community? It’s going to take all of us, working together, to create these positive changes. From schools, to businesses, to community groups, to community members - everyone has a role to play in creating healthy opportunities.

Healthy Schools Healthy Communities Toolkit

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To support school and community leaders across Missouri, we have created the online Healthy Schools Healthy Communities (HSHC) toolkit. This toolkit features resources originally created for the Foundation’s HSHC grantees working to address childhood obesity in select areas. HSHC brought together schools, community organizations, businesses, parents, and other residents to identify and advocate for changes that increase access to healthy food and physical activity where our kids live, learn, and play.

All resources are free. We encourage you to share this toolkit or individual resources with your colleagues. Don’t forget to check out snapshots from communities across Missouri, working to build a healthier future.


Practice and Policy Considerations
This brief distills considerations for leaders and decision-makers who want to shape health initiatives in their communities. 

Healthy Eating Active Living (H.E.A.L) 101
A guide to healthy policy and environmental change, and a “Who’s Who” of healthy eating and active living efforts in Missouri.

Message Guide
Research-based messages to promote healthy policy and environmental changes.

Communications Calendar
A monthly calendar to promote timely, healthy messages throughout the year.

School Wellness Policy Toolkit
An in-depth guide to establishing a school wellness policy, prepared by Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Back to School Toolkit
A communications toolkit to promote healthy eating and active living during the back to school time frame.

Healthy FUNdraising Guide
Tips to raise funds in a fun and healthy way.

Healthy Concessions Toolkit
See how you can adopt a healthy concessions policy that supports your school and community.

Water Promotion Toolkit
Communications resources to promote healthy water consumption.

Complete Streets Toolkit
A starter guide to establishing a complete streets policy in your community.

Toolkits (cont.)

Memorandums of Agreement Toolkit
A template to establish mutually beneficial agreements with community partners.

Engaging Coaches Toolkit
A communications toolkit to tap coaches as trusted messengers in your work to build a healthier school and community.

Engaging Stakeholders Toolkit
A communications toolkit to engage other community leaders in your efforts.

Child Care Toolkit
A guide to improving nutrition and physical activity in child care settings.

Snapshots from the Field

Water Promotion in St. Louis
See how new water bottle filling stations and a creative campaign increased access to water.

Healthy Concessions in Jefferson City
See how schools and community leadership worked together to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Walk to School Program in Monett
See how safe walking routes to school benefit the community and students.

Summer Feeding Program in Hermitage
See how a health department leveraged their farmer’s market to make sure kids had access to healthy food.