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We are seeking individuals interested in joining our Board of Directors. Being a part of MFH’s board is an opportunity to collectively assist in setting the agenda and priorities for an organization committed to the health and well-being of all Missourians. Board members also carry a fiduciary responsibility for the Foundation’s more than $1 billion in assets.

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MFH’s volunteer leadership structure includes a governing Board of Directors of 16 members, inclusive of the Foundation President and CEO, who serves in an ex-officio capacity.

The Foundation is seeking individuals interested in joining its Board of Directors. Being a part of MFH’s Board is an opportunity to collectively assist in setting the agenda and priorities for an organization committed to the health and well-being of all Missourians. Board members also carry a fiduciary responsibility for the Foundation’s more than $1 billion in assets.

The overarching obligation is to serve as the Foundation’s governance body and ensure that it is advancing its mission in alignment with its values. The Board is responsible for:

  • Determining the mission, values, and purposes of the organization
  • Supporting the Foundation’s strategic framework
  • Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management
  • Selecting and evaluating the performance of the CEO
  • Assessing its own performance as the governing body of Missouri Foundation for Health
– Board Member Specifications and Application Information
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Candidates/nominations for the 2024 Board recruitment cycle will be accepted until Wednesday, August 31, 2023.
View the specifications link above to learn how to apply.

Time Commitment and Expectations
Serving on the Board requires a significant time commitment, and it is expected that a typical director will devote an average of 11-13 hours per month to Board-related activities including in-person Board meetings and retreats, virtual committee meetings, educational sessions, pre-meeting materials review and preparation, and other Board-related activities. The time commitment per month will vary – with a more substantial requirement during the months that meetings occur. There are four regularly scheduled Board meetings a year, which typically require two full days, as well as a two-day retreat that is held in conjunction with a regular Board meeting. Additionally, all directors serve on one or more of the standing Board committees, many of which meet regularly. Learning and social opportunities are also offered throughout the year.

Please note that the Board schedule is currently being reviewed and may be altered for the 2024 calendar year. Candidates will be provided with a tentative 2024 Board schedule to provide additional insight into typical meeting dates/times.

Board members are expected to prepare for and regularly attend board and committee meetings. Board meetings are held at MFH’s headquarters in St. Louis. In-person Board meeting attendance is preferred to enhance the Board experience and build strong relationships among directors; however, directors will have the option of attending virtually. All committee meetings are held virtually, and the locations of retreats may vary.


It is the intention of MFH to build a strong pipeline of candidates for Board succession purposes over the next several years, and that its Board represents the gender, racial, cultural, geographic, and ethnic diversity of the state. This year, the Board intends to fill three open seats, in addition to three seats currently held by incumbents who are eligible to reapply. The Board will hold its election in November, and new directors will start their tenure on January 1, 2024.

Eligible candidates for Board membership must be at least 18 years old and reside in the MFH service area. No director can be a compensated officer, agent, or employee of any federal or state governmental authority whatsoever, excepting those of state institutions of higher education.

Required Experience

The Foundation is seeking candidates during the 2023 recruitment cycle who possess experience in one of the two following categories:

  • Institutional Investment – Possess knowledge of modern portfolio theory and a broad understanding of investment asset classes via extensive institutional investment experience within an endowment, foundation, public pension fund, trust, wealth management company, investment consulting firm or similar entity.
  • Business, philanthropy or academia – Deep experience in corporate, college/university or philanthropic organizations, particularly with expertise in one of the following categories: human resources, banking or tax/tax law.

Preferred Qualifications
In addition to institutional investment experience as described above, candidates who fulfill one of more of the following will complement the skills/experiences that already exist on the Board:

  • Diversity/Lived experience – In order for the Board to fully represent the diversity of the MFH region, we are encouraging applications from candidates who identify as people of color, people with disabilities, and/or individuals within the LGBTQ+ Likewise, the Board would benefit from the unique perspectives of people who have first-hand knowledge of how health equity and systems changes can improve opportunities for health, well-being, and the ability to thrive.
  • Rural/Urban residents – To balance representation from Missouri’s suburban areas, we encourage individuals who live in urban and rural communities in the service area to apply.
  • Community engagement/leadership/service – Individuals who have mobilized others to address pressing issues and create positive change at the neighborhood, community and/or regional level are desired. This engagement could be accomplished through professional or volunteer opportunities.
  • Nonprofit or corporate governance – We also seek candidates who have served on high-functioning governance boards, including for-profit corporations as well as non-profits, faith-based, or social justice organizations.

Personal Characteristics

  • Demonstrated core leadership attributes, which includes working toward collective, continuous learning and evolution of thought;
  • A recognized reputation for integrity and competence;
  • A keen interest in achieving health equity in Missouri;
  • Interest, concern, and commitment to accomplishing the Foundation’s overall mission, purposes, and goals;
  • An adherence to the Foundation’s core values; and
  • Commitment to devote the time necessary to fulfill board responsibilities and regularly attend meetings.

Although previous board experience is not a requirement to serve on the MFH Board of Directors, past experience will be beneficial. Importantly, the Board seeks candidates who appreciate the difference between the operational responsibilities of management and the governance role of the Board.


Directors serve for terms of three years and can reapply for a second three-year term. The terms of five Board members expire each year.

Although directors serve without pay, they will be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses associated with attendance at MFH meetings and events. Additionally, the Foundation will cover registration fees and reasonable travel expenses to attend one professional conference per year that is related to the mission and work of MFH.


Missouri Foundation for Health has retained a professional search firm, EFL Associates, to assist in the Board recruitment process. Individuals interested in serving on the Board should submit a copy of their resume/CV and brief statement of interest to Jessica Galbraith, EFL Associates, at Although email is preferred, if regular mail is used, please contact Jessica at (816) 945-5196 to confirm that your materials have been received. Further contact information can be found at the end of this document.

Review of applicant materials will begin immediately, and interviews will commence in mid-August. Please note that application materials received after August 31 will not be considered in the 2023 recruitment cycle.

All candidate material received before August 31 will be reviewed for the current Board recruitment cycle, and you may contact EFL Associates to check on the status of your candidacy. Only those candidates who appear to closely align with the 2023 recruitment priorities will be asked to complete a formal application and interview process. Unless specifically stated otherwise by the candidate, all candidate information will be retained for consideration in future board recruiting cycles.